Monday, December 31, 2007

Rio Dulce, Guatemala

We are back in the Rio Dulce at Mario's Marina. We arrived last Friday, having flown into San Pdro Sula, Honduras and taking a 3 hour van ride across the border.We have quickly fallen into the rhythm of this beautiful part of Guatemala. The marina is about 17 miles inland from the Caribbean with the first few miles winding through a marvelous jungle canyon. The river then widens and the marina is located near the small town of Rio Dulce ( sometimes called Fronteras). The Rio is a natural "hurricane hole" and many cruisers from all over the world leave their boats here during the Atlantic hurricane season.

Mario's has a restaurant/bar and the food is very good and inexpensive.

We have been busy readying the boat after its long layup over the summer and fall. Mary has gotten the interior ship-shape and I have been busy with various maintenance and repair projects.

Next week we plan to travel inland to Antigua Guatemala where we will spend a week in language school in an attempt at improving our spanish. From there we go to Lago Atitlan for several days. After that we may travel to El Salvador and Nicaragua....or plans are not complete yet but we will travel a while before taking the boat out of the Rio sometime in February.

We have renewed our friendship with numerous cruisers we met last season and who also keep their boats here including Deja Vu ( George, Kathleen and Kate) John and Beth Talley on Upjinks.

Tonight we have Karaoke and a New Years Eve party but it is doubtful that this crew will actually be awake at mid-night.

Happy New Year to all! More later.

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Nita and Savannah Claire Davidson said...

Hi guys! Happy New year to you both. Pics are really beautiful. Sounds as if you have already been busy. Talk to you soon. We already miss you both. Kisses from Savannah Claire.